Friday, July 6, 2012

Run 65 Fire Hydrants

I'm back to running at night so that the temperature is bearable.  It's amazing the sights I see along my routes, tonight was no exception.  I saw stray cats, rats peaking out of sidewalk grates, a motel with Christmas reindeer lit up, new buildings, old buildings, abandoned buildings, families, friends hanging out, hoodlums, delis, Laundromats, a glimpse of Yankee stadium, restaurants, churches, parks, gardens, empty lots and piles of smell trash (thanks summer heat).  The variety of sites is endless.  But my newest favorite site are fire hydrants that have been tapped into, to relieve some of the summer heat.  Tonight I ran past at least 4 of them.  Every time I see one I can't help but chuckle, for some unexplained reason I can't help thinking about the clown fountain I played with as a child in the back yard.  The rigged fire hydrants are pretty much the same thing, just the NYC style. 

Time: Midnight
Distance: 5.48 miles
Time: 44:54
Music: Adele

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