Friday, April 20, 2012

Run 60 To Be Continued...

Well, I'm afraid we are going to have to take a little hiatus.  I have accepted a gig in Hawaii.  So I will be gone for 4 weeks.  It's not possible to turn down a working a vacation in Hawaii.  I had a goal to cover lots of ground before I left, but instead I was busy packing and getting ready to leave.  The night before I left, I HAD to get out there and run.  I ran around Columbia University at 9 pm on a Friday night.  Everyone else was going out for the evening.  I always get some weird looks when I'm out running when I should be partying, lol.  I did have a drag queen offer to run with me, to bad she had the wrong shoes on.  

Time: 9 pm
Distance: 6.29 miles
Time: 55:03 Minutes
Music: Darren Hayes

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Run 59

I ran past the famous Apollo Theater today.  Also passed 2 different Little Caesars pizza and lots of people carrying $5 hot and ready.  It's rare that you can eat a meal in NYC for 5 bucks, let alone get a whole pizza.  So even if it's not the healthiest meal, especially after a 6 mile run.  I ended up there at the end of my run, boy it was yummy. 

Time: 1 pm
Distance: 6.44 miles
Time: 53:15 minutes
Music: Jamie O'Neal

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Run 58

Quick run today, not much to say, other than my only obstacle was the best part of the run.  Marcus Garvey Park, it interrupted my path, but was full of spring flowers and blossoms.  Not to get too philosophical on you, but maybe there's a reason for some of life's obstacles.  

Time: 1 pm
Distance: 6.08 miles
Time: 49:47 minutes
Music: Darren Hayes

Friday, April 6, 2012

Run 57

Tried to do a quick, uninterrupted run today.  I knew I had an easy path, no obstacles, so my run should have been a piece of cake.  Instead I had a hard time getting motivated.  I felt lazy and my feet were heavy, lol.  Not really sure why.  Maybe it's because I hadn't been in a few days? I didn't feel like I was in good shape.  I wanted to stop after mile 2, but some how I pushed through, ran over 7 miles and at a decent pace (8'13"/mile).  

Time: 6 pm
Distance: 7.16 miles
Time: 58:57 minutes
Music: Savage Garden 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Run 56

Forget getting in shape, forget distance and a fast past. Today's run was all about hitting the jackpot. I ran 7 miles between 110-115th streets, but since the $640 million dollars jack pot lottery drawing was that night, every time I saw a lottery sign, I would stop and buy one ticket, I ended up with about 17 tickets at the end of the run. Just think what a great story that would have been if I won, surprisingly I didn't win.
Time: 2:30 PM 
Distance: 7.06 miles
Time: 1:17:38
Music: Random