Thursday, February 23, 2012

Run 49

I'm going out of town tomorrow and still have a huge to-do list before I take off.  Not sure I have time to go running, but then again I will be gone for 2 weeks. That's a long time away from covering any territory. I decided to stay near home and do a quick run on the avenues.  I run south on 9th Avenue away from my apartment and then back home up 10th Avenue.  Traffic light patterns favor the vehicles on the avenues.  I'm excited to start running them because I will have more green lights and less stops, so I will be able to run faster.  My pace to night was a 7:47/mile. Yes it was a short run, so that is a factor, but my usual pace is around 8:35/mile.   
I'm off to Arizona for my brother's wedding, see ya in a couple of weeks.  

Time: 9pm
Distance: 3.39 miles
Time: 26:25 minutes
Music: Aida

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Run 48

Today I ran on the east side from 78th to 83rd streets. I ran directly in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The MET for pete's sake, right there at my finger tips.  I've been there quite a few times, usually when I have a visitor in town. But seeing it made me think about how many things I don't take advantage of.  I live in NYC, endless opportunity and activities all around me.  But most of us, definitely including me, get stuck in a rut and just do our daily grind.  I know it's hard but I challenge you (and myself) to mix it up.  Do new things, explore new places and activities. If anyone knows how to accomplish this, please let me know.  

Time: 5 pm
Distance: 5.78 miles
Time: 49:59 minutes
Music: Chely Wright

Monday, February 13, 2012

Run 47 One Block Streets

There's a small section downtown that has been bothering me.  As you know I've been running streets that run in and east/west direction, after I'm done with that I will go back and run the north/south avenues.  There's this small section where the streets run diagonal.  I can't decide which direction they run.  I have felt like my downtown section is incomplete, so I had to go run them, just to feel better about myself, to unburden my mind, lol.

When most people think of NYC streets, they think of Broadway, 42nd Street, 5th Avenue or Wall Street.     As I have been running I get a kick out of the small streets.  I've been wanting to write about them for a while now, but have been waiting for the right moment.  On this route I ended up heading down Mechanics Alley.  It is a one block street that is hiding under the Manhattan Bridge.  It is not even on the map.  On this street you would never guess that you were in the middle of NYC.  

So here's a few pictures of the little guys.  The unsung heroes that no one knows or cares about, but are still part of NYC.  I'll add photos to this album as time goes by and I find others.  

Time: 4pm
Distance: 4.89 miles
Time: 45:01 minutes
Music: Carrie Underwood

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Run 46

Quick and easy run today in the east 70's.  It was much warmer today than it has been recently. It was a welcomed surprise. The upper east side is not the easiest area to get to from my apartment. I need to do some long routes and get it over with. :)

Time: 9 pm
Distance: 4.65 miles
Time: 41:34 minutes
Music: Evita