Friday, December 23, 2011

Run 40

Run number 40, I can't decide if that's a big number or a little number.  In ways it's both.  It seems like I just started this little adventure, so having 40 runs under my belt is pretty cool.  But I've also got a long way to go.  
Today's route was the area on the lower east side under near the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge.  It was kind of an unusual mix of sights.  In the beginning I was still finishing up the last of China Town, but then I ran though residential areas, schools, and towards the end I was in a marine area.  I ran under the manhattan bridge multiple times.  The buildings were shorter and further apart.  It didn't really feel like I was in the NYC I know.  Again I saw another area that I would probably never end up in if it wasn't for this blog.  

Time: 1pm
Distance: 5.51 miles
Time: 44:34 minutes
Music: shuffle 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Run 39

Today's route was all about filling in missing gaps.  On a previous run I had missed a section of 69th street, so I started there.  I have also been running the upper west side in two directions, working north from 59th street and south from 96th street.  I had one little section that I needed to fill in to connect the two.  It was a short run, only 3 miles, that is why I'm trying to run streets in order, so that I don't skip areas or end up with little tidbits here and there.
While I was running one of my all time favorite songs came on.  It's been a while since I've shared any music with you.  Usually I'm very lyrically driven, but I love this song because of the melodies and music more than the words.  It's from a musical called The Wild Party. A single voice starts the song and then 3 others are slowly added.  When the 4 parts come together, they magically lay on top of each other creating a musical kaleidoscope.  Close you eyes and listen to it, twice.  Empty your mind and let the musical kaleidoscope take over.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Time: 5pm
Distance: 3.02 Miles
Time: 25:52 minutes
Music: The Wild Party  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Run 38 NYC Winter

Holy Cow! It's cold out side.  We have been having a fairly mild winter so far, but today's run chilled me to the bone.  No unseasonably nice weather any more.  What I've been wearing the past month is no longer sufficient.  The ice in the gutter should have given me a clue.  
Today I ran Canal Street, which is a bustling mecca for the world's best knock-offs.  With everyone bustling around doing holiday shopping, it was very crowded.  The streets were more like parking lots.  I was passing cars, that should have been driving, left and right.  I don't know why anyone drives into NYC.  You can get most places quicker and cheaper on foot.  
I was planning on waiting until the first big snow storm to introduce my next photo album, but today seems appropriate.  So here it is:  Winter in NYC.  Most of these pics were taken the past two years, but like I've said before I will continue to add new photos to these albums when I take them.  (Like I just added photos to the behind the scene album)

(click for full album)

Time: 2pm
Distance: 5.95 Miles
Time: 51:58 minutes
Music: Alanis Morisette

Friday, December 16, 2011

Run 37

Quick and easy run today.  I have to admit I love the upper west side and the houses/apartments are amazing and I'd love to live in one, the area is very nice.  BUT, it makes for a pretty boring run, lol.  I've done 4 routes in this area and they are beginning to blur together.  The most entertaining part for me is that there are so many Christmas tree stands, right on the street corners.  It's like I'm running through a perfectly manicured forest and if you know me, I sure do love a good Christmas tree. :)

Time: noon
Distance: 4.02 miles
Time: 35:09 minutes
Music: Madonna

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Run 36 Variety 2

It truly is amazing, how much I am seeing as I go out running.  I've mentioned before, that if I was really going to do this blog as accurately as I'd like to. I would have to go on my run and then do the same route again snapping photographs and taking notes.  Well, I ended up doing a route that I felt was worthy of this type of treatment.  The run itself was only 6 miles and took 51 minutes.  But then the next day I went back and walked (about half) of the route and did a 2 hour photo shoot.  Since then I have been making photo collages, editing photos and not finally piecing it all together.  What was so special about this route was the enormous variety of neighborhoods and sights I saw, in just 51 minutes.  I'm not going to go in too much detail, I'm going to let the photos do the talking. 

I started the route on the corner of Broome Street and Lafayette Street.  This is right in the middle of a shopping district in SoHo.   

After leaving Soho, I found my self in a residential community in the east side.  Where I was met by a man standing on the street holding his Trombone.  He saw me running towards him and decided to play a charge for me (only in NYC).  After the residential area and a school,  I arrived at the Williamsburg Bridge and the East River.

I then turned around and followed Grand Street west, back through the residential area, but quickly found myself in the north end of Little Italy. 

And immediately in Chinatown as well.

After Chinatown I swung back through SoHo, and shortly later hit West Street and the Hudson River. 

After turning around I got detoured by the exit of the Holland tunnel.  Everyone one driving onto the island of Manhattan only has a few bridges and tunnels to get you here.  

I then ended my run on the cobblestone roads in the Meat-packing district. Old warehouses that are all being remodeled into shops, restaurants, apartments, etc.  Imaging seeing all this in less than an hour.  It was pretty amazing.  I feel like words can't describe it, even pictures don't quite do it justice, but I hope you get a sense of how neat this experience is.  Here's more random pics taking through out the route.    

I hope you enjoyed, good bye and "Good Lock"

Time: 3pm
Distance: 5.99 miles
Time: 51:15
Music: Evita 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Run 35

A word to the wise, don't drink a bunch of OJ and then go on a run.  I spent most of this run trying not to throw up, lol.  So my power of observation and insight was a little distracted.  I was able to plan a route and stick to it, until I ended a little earlier than planned.  

Time: 12:25 PM
Distance: 4.73 miles
Time: 44:06 Minutes
Music: Shuffle

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Run 34

Just a quick easy run today.  No obstacles, no grand epiphany to tell you about.  I started on 90th street and ran south to 83th between Riverside Dr. and Central park.  The houses in this area are amazing.  I'd love to live on Riverside Dr. but I think it's currently out of my price range, lol.

Time: 11:30 am
Distance: 5.21 miles
Time: 44:06 minutes
Music: Random

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Run 33 67th Street!!

Some times there's sections of New York City that are magical.  I probably can't explain why or even describe it.  It happens when a bunch or different factors fall into place just at the right moment.  It has to do with the weather, the surroundings, the people, your mood and attitude, your pace, your mind, the activities your doing, the sounds you hear, the energy around you and so much more.  I pulled the following from my journal, an entry on August 1, 2010, as an example of what I'm talking about.

"Why I live in NYC, center of the universe.  I just saw a production of Our Town staring Helen Hunt.  It was a fabulous production with a talented cast, it was beautiful, entertaining and thought provoking.  Helen was everything I expected her to be, near perfection, the ease at which she tells a story is remarkable. It was a treat and a pleasure to see her perform live, a mixture of admiration, jealousy and awe. I left the theatre with a euphoric feeling, everything was beautiful, perfect and amazing.  I was walking down the street right behind Helen Hunt, disguised in cargo shorts, a back pack and sunglasses she walked unnoticed down the street to a massage parlor, seems like a nice treat in between shows.  There were bakeries and shops on every corner, parks filled with blooming flowers, which, of course, I did stop and smell.  The temperature was perfect for a city stroll, not too hot, but sunny with a cool, light summer breeze.  I enter the subway to find a street musician playing a mandolin or some exotic instrument to enjoy as I waited for my train, which came in just a few short minutes. 
I don’t want to wake up from my post show euphoric bliss!"

One of these magical moments happened to my as a ran a specific block of 67th Street between Central Park West and Columbus Avenue.  Modern buildings in general have lost the artistic flare that used to go into them.  The ornate decorations and detail have disappeared.  Some of those old buildings are still around NYC.  I was having a nice run when I happened into this block of 67th Street.  There was about 5 beautiful old buildings right in a row.  I felt like I had wandered onto a movie set or back in time or even into a dream.  I ran with a smile on my face.  It made such an impression on me that I went back later to take some pictures so I can share them with you.  Too bad the pictures alone aren't enough to create one of those magical moments I mentioned, but I hope you know the feeling.  

Time: 2pm
Distance: 4.08 miles
Time: 33:46 minutes
Music: Jewel