Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Run 1

First of all, I am using my Nike+ running chip that is uncalibrated, so one of the first things I need to do is get that calibrated so my distance and times are more accurate.  I decided to start with the street I live on, good old West 47th Street.  I started from my apartment on 47th st and 9th ave and ran east.  I immediately ran by some Broadway theaters and right through Time Square.  I see lots of shows and work in Times Square so both of these I'm pretty familiar with and take for granted.  I was surprised to see, right after 2nd ave. The street became tree lined.  I love nature and the outdoors, especially in a concrete jungle it's nice to find some plant life, especially a tree lined street.
Shortly after that I ran right into the United Nations Headquarters complex and couldn't get to the river.  I jotted up to 48th to get as close as I can, there was a fence blocking FDR Dr (right next to the East River) I ran to the fence and turned around.  I took 46th street back. The first thing I noticed was this beautiful building all lit up and glowing, the top was gorgeous and not one I recognized.  Once I got closer I realized I had seen the building before just didn't recognized the top.  It was the Helmsley Building. 

The coolest part about this building is that Park Avenue traffic runs right through the building. 

I also saw a really fun eating area.  Instead of a nice level ground they had built up mounds and hills.  Why would some one think to do that, I guess to bring a smile to my face.  

As I ran I thought of some fun ideas I can do, while I ran, count how many people I see? how many food vendors?  Today's run was just a test.  It seems possible so hopefully there are many more to come.   

Time: 10 pm
Distance 3.74 miles
Time: 34:59 minutes
Music: Jane Eyre The Musical

The idea! The plan!

I had a crazy idea the other day and it keeps getting more and more complex.  It started as I should go running, get into better shape and now it has turned into a crazy dream and a blog, lol

I'll start off by saying I'm a dreamer.  I have tons of unfinished projects and ideas, pipe dreams, goals, plans, etc.  So this may end up in the same pile.  On the other hand it might not.  

I just returned to NYC after a summer of travel.  Since returning I have been dreaming, setting goals, coming up with ideas and being lazy.  I've lived in NYC for 2 years now and don't know it nearly as well as I should.  There are so many things to do and see.  One of my new goals to to explore the city more. Explore the neighborhoods, find hidden gems, etc.  Another goal is to get in better shape.  Who doesn't always have that goal?  Less of a goal, more of a pipe dream is to run a marathon.  Why?  Mainly just to check it off the list.  So I can say I've done it.  

I am not a runner!!  I love to hike, but never really been into running.  I ran track my freshman year of high school and that was a joke.  I'll hop on the treadmill now and then.  I bought a Nike running chip and that motivated me for a little bit.  I have never consistently went on runs.  

So where is all this leading to??  A few days ago I took a jog down riverside park, it was gorgeous and a highly enjoyable run.  After that I decided I should do that more often, much better than a treadmill.  2 days later I tried the same run right after hurricane Irene past through NYC, that was a failed attempt. Last night I set out again, this time running the opposite direction down the river.  During that run I realized I could cover a lot of ground running through NYC.  I could get my exercise and work on my goal of exploring NYC.  I wondered how far across Manhattan was, could I run from river to river and back??  Later I found out it was approximately 2 miles across.  4 miles is a run that I could easily do.

So I tried it today and while I was running I thought it might be a good idea to blog about it.  Another one of my unfinished goals is to have a personal blog.  Why not kill three birds with one stone. (Not that I plan on killing anything through this blog) 

But what would happen when I was done? That's it?  Now what?  How about use all of this to train for a marathon and once I've covered every square inch of NYC I should be in good enough shape to run that marathon, right?  (Is that bird number 4??)

So here we go, another adventure has started, who knows where it will lead.  As you follow me remember that life is a journey not a destination.  Will I really run every street of NYC? who knows? but why not try.  The weather is perfect right now, but in 2 short months it's gonna get cold... really cold.  I hate being cold.  There's no way to finish this before winter hits!  Will I have to stop and resume next spring?  Will I be so motivated and a running machine that I brave the NYC winter?  I guess only time will tell.     

Thank you for following me!  

*If you are just joining the adventure, he's a little hint, if you can't read all the old posts, my favorite ones, have a run number and title.