Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Run 86

I wasn't paying very close attention as I was waiting for the subway and ended up getting on the wrong train.  Instead of ended up in Inwood like I planned.  I ended up in the Bronx.  I was a tad annoyed when I realized it, but after looking at my map and realizing I could just run over the nearest bridge, I felt a little better.  Then, as I took off, and saw the sky was turning colors for another sunset run, all feelings of annoyance were gone.  I saw a lot of fun things today.  First of all I saw a group of young men playing a game a neighborhood basketball, that fun thing about it was that for their hoop they were using the bottom rung of a fire escape ladder, hanging off their building. Talk about using your resources.  I also found a mountain bike course in Ft George Park.  I also ran 6 dead end streets, each ending in a riverside park.  Lastly, to top it off, I found a barn in NYC.  We really do have it all here.  

Time: 7 pm
Distance: 6.8 miles
Time: 59:35 minutes
Music: Anna Nalick

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