Monday, November 14, 2011

Run 26 Behind the scenes

If anyone out there is actually following this, you might have noticed that it's been over a week since my last post.  I hurt my foot so I had to take a little time off.  Not really sure how I did it, or what is wrong, but taking it easy for a few days seemed to work.  

Today I ran 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st streets.  Kind of an accomplishment since I have been counting down since I started over 2 months ago on 47th street.  Too bad it's a false sense of accomplishment, because I'm far from done.  I'm still far from the southern tip on Manhattan and then I have to work my way north.  

I've decided to add a new feature to the blog.  I would really like to cover the areas I jog twice.  Like I've mentioned before, I can't jog and take pictures at the same time.  So ideally, after my jog I'd like to go back the same route and take some shots.  In reality, I don't have time to do that.  I do want to share some of my photographs with you.  I'm going to introduce a few different albums.  When I first post them, they may only have a few photos, but as time goes by I will continue to add photos to them.  By the time the blog is over, they should be a nice little collection.  I will introduce the albums in posts, but there will also be a separate page, where you can go straight to all of them.  

There are many things NYC is know for.  I like to quote Jonathan Larson's RENT and say, "New York City, center of the universe." One thing that isn't talked about much is how all this can happen in such a small area.  How can over 1.5 million people live on 23 square miles of land on the island of Manhattan.  As I have been running I am seeing things that most people don't.  Lots of people see or go on a horse drawn carriage ride in central park, but how many people see where the horse stables are?  We expect the trash to be removed and the streets plowed after a snow storm, but where are the garbage trucks kept?  

Here is my first NYC album,  entitled, "Behind the scenes". It's images of construction sites, alleys, storage, anything that isn't "meant" to be seen.  I hope you enjoy. 

(click for full album)

Time: 10:30 am
Distance: 5.59 miles
Time: 51:33 minutes
Music: Jo Dee Messina   

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  1. This photos are really good. My favorite is #11.