Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Run 99

There are some area and streets that are closed, blocked or I'm just not allowed on.  So obviously I'm not going to be able to run those.  I've encountered closed gates, fences, police barricades, etc. I've even been yelled at by cops (more than once) trying to run those areas.  Streets going to and from the tunnels and bridges are closed to pedestrians.  A few streets by ground zero are still closed.  Random other streets on the map are just closed, dead ends, private roads, etc.  I'm not talking about a high percentage,  just a few here and there. But, I just wanted to throw the disclaimer out there that when I said I was gonna run "every square inch" it was just an expression, I didn't mean it literally.  Here's to getting as close as I can! There is no stopping me now!

Time: 6 pm
Distance: 7.75 miles
Time: 1:10:20
Music: Kimberly Caldwell, Lady Antebellum

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