Thursday, October 11, 2012

Run 104 Art

Shortly after I started my run today, I saw a sign that said “207 Gallery”.  It is not unusual to see an art gallery in NYC, but I wasn’t in an area where you would expect to see one.  I was in Inwood, it was a very residential area, some what of a poor area.  I tried to get a peek at the art gallery, but as I ran by I didn’t see one.  For some reason it stuck with me through out my run.  Who’s art was in the gallery? Why did they decide to open it here? Who purchases the art?  The curiosity got the best of me and after my run I went back to investigate.  I found the sign, but couldn’t find the gallery.  I stepped into a barber shop in the neighborhood and asked where it was.  The barber had his shop there for years.  He said the gallery was no longer open, but did give me a little back ground about it.  It was open by a guy named Mike.  He grew up in Inwood and became quite successful.  He opened 207 Gallery to encourage and help local Inwood artists.  He wanted to have a place where they could show their work, learn, grow, gain experience and be motivated.  The local artists took shifts running the gallery to keep it open.   The barber said that Mike has since passed away and the gallery was closed, but I was touched by the story and the memory of 207 Gallery.  That’s the NYC that I’m getting to know. 

Time: 1 pm
Distance: 5.7 miles
Time: 45:47
Music: Jekyll and Hyde

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