Saturday, October 6, 2012

Run 102 Blowing chunks and blowing over

You are what you eat.  Actually that's not really what I meant to say, what I really meant was don't ever eat a chimichanga before going running.  Yes, believe me, I know they are delicious, but they tend to weigh you down on a 6 mile run, like a brick in your stomach.  You spend most of the run trying to convince yourself that you are not going to throw up and you end up running pretty slow.  
Not only was I fighting with a chimichanga, but it was extremely windy as well.  I felt like I was going to be blown over, the wind was so strong.   Long story, short.  This was not a very fun run.  It's good thing that I usually (except tonight) enjoy running.  I never would have ran this much if tonight was the norm. 

In case you were wondering I found an article about "the best foods for runners".   A list of 15 items to "fuel peak performance".  Chimichangas did not make the list.  I bet they were number 16.  

Time: 5 pm
Distance: 6.39 mils
Time: 52:43
Music: Kristin Chenoweth

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