Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Run 1

First of all, I am using my Nike+ running chip that is uncalibrated, so one of the first things I need to do is get that calibrated so my distance and times are more accurate.  I decided to start with the street I live on, good old West 47th Street.  I started from my apartment on 47th st and 9th ave and ran east.  I immediately ran by some Broadway theaters and right through Time Square.  I see lots of shows and work in Times Square so both of these I'm pretty familiar with and take for granted.  I was surprised to see, right after 2nd ave. The street became tree lined.  I love nature and the outdoors, especially in a concrete jungle it's nice to find some plant life, especially a tree lined street.
Shortly after that I ran right into the United Nations Headquarters complex and couldn't get to the river.  I jotted up to 48th to get as close as I can, there was a fence blocking FDR Dr (right next to the East River) I ran to the fence and turned around.  I took 46th street back. The first thing I noticed was this beautiful building all lit up and glowing, the top was gorgeous and not one I recognized.  Once I got closer I realized I had seen the building before just didn't recognized the top.  It was the Helmsley Building. 

The coolest part about this building is that Park Avenue traffic runs right through the building. 

I also saw a really fun eating area.  Instead of a nice level ground they had built up mounds and hills.  Why would some one think to do that, I guess to bring a smile to my face.  

As I ran I thought of some fun ideas I can do, while I ran, count how many people I see? how many food vendors?  Today's run was just a test.  It seems possible so hopefully there are many more to come.   

Time: 10 pm
Distance 3.74 miles
Time: 34:59 minutes
Music: Jane Eyre The Musical

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